Monday, March 30, 2015

The Beauty of Nature

Answer to Question 1:
Plants are able to reproduce when an animal or insect goes to get a treat, sweet nectar. When an animal drinks some pollen, like a bee, it brushes into something of the plant called the anther and get a dust shower of pollen all over the bee. Still, the bee loves the taste of nectar so much, they can't resist to travel to another flower and have some more. But when the bee lands on the next flower, the pollen that the bee had been carrying drops of at that flower. So when the pollen dropped off there, something called the pistol of the flower, collects a grain of pollen. That grain of pollen starts to grow and slide into thin tube that makes it's way down the pistil until finally it comes in contact with an ovule.

Answer to Question 2:
The purpose of the seed's covering is to protect it. Some seeds

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