Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who Was Milton Hershey Book Title

Dear chocolate lovers,

        Hi there! Do you like chocolate? Well I really do and if you do then this is a post you'll want to read.

     This post is all about a book that I am reading which is called "Who Was Milton Hershey?" If you don't know who that is I will tell you, but I won't tell you too much. That way you still want to read the book.
      Milton Hershey is the man who made the chocolate bar Hershey. Milton wasn't into chocolate at first, but he was into making caramel candy. When he opened his first store he had soled his caramel candies to make money. Later on in his life he found out about chocolate and he wanted to make it. After that he kept experimenting how to make chocolate. Then one day, it came to him!
If you want to know about what happened then you should read the book. I recommenced if you like non- fiction books, this is the right book for you!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Age of Exploration - We Find Land, But There Is a Twist...

5 Weeks later,

I am still on the ship. I finished helping my last patient when I see at the corner of my eye a parrot on the middle of the deck. I walk over to it when I see in one of it's talons, a little stick. It looked like had just been picked so I alerted the captain,.
        "Captain"! I said as barged into the captain's bridge.
        "What is the matter now"? asked said with a frustrated tone in his voice. I looked down in my hand, which I had the stick in and I put it on his desk. He lifted his head to see what I had put down on his desk. His eyes opened big and in seconds he ran out of the room and on to the middle of the deck to announce
        "People! We have found land"! and as soon as he finished saying that, the boat had hit something and everyone leaned to one side of the boat. Then I saw John holding on the side of the boat as he grabbed my hand. When The boat got straight again, I asked John
        "Have you heard about the news?"
        "No, is something wrong?" Then I had told him how we found proof of land. His lips suddenly turned into a smile. I had never seen him smile so it made me smile. But we were still wondering what the ship had hit. When we went to see and what we saw was incredible. It was a huge land with water with a lot of plants growing out of the ground. Everyone had gotten off of the ship to explore the new island. Me and John went to go look for food when we see the bush move.
         "Did you see something move in that bush?" I asked John while we were just staring at the bush. He didn't answer as he went closer and his eyes seemed to concentrate. Then he started backing up and pulled my back too as he whispered to me
        "Don't move." Then I started to see eyes appear in the bush and I knew someone had been watching us.