Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Who Was Milton Hershey Book Title

Dear chocolate lovers,

        Hi there! Do you like chocolate? Well I really do and if you do then this is a post you'll want to read.

     This post is all about a book that I am reading which is called "Who Was Milton Hershey?" If you don't know who that is I will tell you, but I won't tell you too much. That way you still want to read the book.
      Milton Hershey is the man who made the chocolate bar Hershey. Milton wasn't into chocolate at first, but he was into making caramel candy. When he opened his first store he had soled his caramel candies to make money. Later on in his life he found out about chocolate and he wanted to make it. After that he kept experimenting how to make chocolate. Then one day, it came to him!
If you want to know about what happened then you should read the book. I recommenced if you like non- fiction books, this is the right book for you!


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