Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear fellow readers,

Here is a personal story about when family members came here from Chicago.

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“When are they coming?” I asked impatient
“Calm down Haley! This is the third time you have asked!” my aunt told me frustrated.
“I know that’s because I want to be ready.”
“Ding! Dong!... As soon as I heard that I started running and trying to hide. I was so nervous that I got goosebumps.
“Go open the door!” I whispered to my aunt while I was trying to fit under the bed.
My aunt had told me to calm down because I was acting like the FBI was at the door. My grandpa had picked them up from the airport so he was the one that opened the door outside. My aunt left the room that she was in with me to greet them. I didn’t want to be in that room alone so rolled out from under the bed, ran to the living room, and sat down next to her. I asked her a question when I sat down
“Was there any spiders down there?” I asked while trying to clean off the on my clothes as much as possible. She didn’t answer me but I knew she knew that there were. We both saw the door knob jiggle and then they walked in with my grandpa.
I walked towards them to give them a hug because they had there hands out. My parents were out in the back so I had to go tell them that they arrived. The three cousins that had came were named Omar, Jocy, and Chelly. Omar was the smallest, Jocy was the oldest, and Chelly was the in the middle. Omar was the only kid who was close to my age so I usually hung out with him more and he was also the only boy. We were all so happy that we needed to celebrate so we had a barbeque outside in the back but the first thing I noticed was that my uncle wasn’t there and neither was my aunt ( their parents).
“Hey Jocy, where is my aunt and uncle?”
“Oh, they told us that they would have to get here later on because they  needed permission from their job.”
“Too bad. I really wanted to see them.” I said with a glum face.

Later on, we were all full from eating so much that everybody went inside the house, into the kitchen, and just started having conversations. My grandparents announced that all of the children should go downstairs so we can play or do something fun. So all 3 of us ( including Angel my brother) ran down the stairs to see which one could get down there first.
“Hey Omar why didn’t your parents come?” my brother asked.
“They couldn’t come because they had they didn’t have permission from work.” answered Omar
“Ok. I was just wondering because they come almost every year.” We all went to the park because all of the kids were bored and didn’t have anything fun to do and the adults agreed so they took us.

Later when we got to my grandparents house where Omar, Jocy, and Chelly were staying and I started getting dark so my parents told me and Angel that we had to go home. We all said goodbye and jumped in the jeep and drove away.
The next morning, I woke up from the sun shining in my eyes through the blinds. Uh where am I? I kept on asking my self. I got up and started walking out of my room to the living room downstairs. I saw my dad talking on the phone. When he hung up he asked me,
“Do you want to go to grandma’s with me Haley?”
“Okay!” We ran out of the house and got into the car. We left Angle and my mom there so they wouldn't be cranky during the drive. I was happy I didn’t have to change so I could be comfy in my pj’s. My dad was driving faster than usual and he had a worried face. When we arrived at my grandma’s house we jogged to the door and barged in to see that my grandma was also on the phone talking to someone too. When she hung up my dad asked what had happened and she told us that my uncle and aunt couldn’t even come to pick up their own children. “Why… , how… , what?” my dad asked with a confused look.
“Their parents called me this morning and told me every little detail.”
“So what is going to happen with the kids”? my dad asked worried’
“I’m not sure.” my grandma answered while lowering her head lower and lower as she spoke. I asked if my cousins already knew but they did. She also told us that she nor my grandpa could afford to buy 3 tickets to fly to Chicago. I walked into one of the rooms where they all slept and I just say them crying. I tried to cheer them up but nothing did. I saw my dad walk in and give them all hugs. I wonder why they were so sad about this instead of being happy that they get to stay here longer?

Later on when they were all calm, I asked Omar why he was sad instead of being happy
He said he just wouldn’t want to stay away from his parents for the rest of his life and I understood.
“Don’t worry. We will find a way to get you guys back to Chicago.” I said with a positive smile on my face. We went to the park to get our mind off of things for about 25 minutes and then went to Dairy Queen to cheer my cousins up. By the time we got back to the house the sun was setting so we grabbed some chairs and sat in the porch and just ate pumpkin seeds.
“Thanks everyone for helping us feel better.” Jocy announced. It started getting dark and cold so we all put the chairs away in the garage. I ran to the door to open it for everyone but as soon as my hand touched the doorknob a silver van pulled up at the sidewalk next to the house. I glanced and saw someone come out of the car. I saw Jocy run to the car and I noticed she was happy. Then I knew who it was. It was my aunt and uncle that said they couldn't make it but it seems that they surprised us. We all went over to them and gave them a hug.
"Sorry we didn't tell you all but we wanted to surprise you!" my aunt announced with a smile."I really missed you guys!" Chelly said with tears of joy in her eyes. We all felt a strong gust of wind hit our faces so we headed inside the house. As soon as we got in the house my dad had decided that we should go home so I hugged everyone goodnight and we got into the car and drove off. While we were in the car I asked my dad something.
"Dad, do u think next time we can visit them?"
"That actually is a good idea Haley. I agree but I don't know about your mom." he said.
"Oh I don't think she will agree unless you tell her we are going to Las Vegas." I said with a smile on my face.