Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Age of Exploration- Here comes the waves!!

        The next morning, the sun wasn't in my eyes so I opened them quickly. When I opened them I noticed that when I was laying down the sky was dark and gray. All of a sudden I felt a raindrop fall in my right cheek. Everyone had started that it was raining , but it wasn't barley raining. Now it was growing bigger and bigger. I just went back to getting my items fixed up. 10 Minutes later, when I was in the hull giving someone their prescribed medicine I heard people screaming up on the deck. I went up to see what was happening and I found that water had been flooding. I felt myself get pushed over by the wind. I couldn't see anything and then I had noticed that the Helmsmen was struggling to save the ship. I needed to help him so I started walking towards him as I got thrown around.
        "Hey! Come here"! Someone yelled out. I turned my head and saw that the murderer hiding in a corner behind some wooden barrels.
        "Leave me alone"! I said as I was still struggling to get to the helmsmen. As soon as looked back at the helmsmen I saw a big wave coming right for me. I suddenly fell my right wrist get tugged and I dodged the wave. When I turned back to see who had pulled me, it was the murder. I just stared at him not saying anything. When I was about to say something everyone had been dragged across the deck. The helmsmen had made a turn so strong that he managed to save the ship.
        After the Helmsman saved the boat and the people, everyone back to doing what was their job.
        "Thank you". I said to the murder.
        "The name is John. And your welcome". he replied in a calmer voice. I had always wondered what his name was. I also wondered after that horrid tragedy why he would want to save my life if he knew I would never forget what he did. I had started walking to my spot on deck. As I looked back I saw him smile for the first time and I smiled back.

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  1. Haley, I really like your story. I like how you elaborated. I really like your story, it is really neat how you add some internal thinking.