Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Age of Exploration- Here comes the waves!!

        The next morning, the sun wasn't in my eyes so I opened them quickly. When I opened them I noticed that when I was laying down the sky was dark and gray. All of a sudden I felt a raindrop fall in my right cheek. Everyone had started that it was raining , but it wasn't barley raining. Now it was growing bigger and bigger. I just went back to getting my items fixed up. 10 Minutes later, when I was in the hull giving someone their prescribed medicine I heard people screaming up on the deck. I went up to see what was happening and I found that water had been flooding. I felt myself get pushed over by the wind. I couldn't see anything and then I had noticed that the Helmsmen was struggling to save the ship. I needed to help him so I started walking towards him as I got thrown around.
        "Hey! Come here"! Someone yelled out. I turned my head and saw that the murderer hiding in a corner behind some wooden barrels.
        "Leave me alone"! I said as I was still struggling to get to the helmsmen. As soon as looked back at the helmsmen I saw a big wave coming right for me. I suddenly fell my right wrist get tugged and I dodged the wave. When I turned back to see who had pulled me, it was the murder. I just stared at him not saying anything. When I was about to say something everyone had been dragged across the deck. The helmsmen had made a turn so strong that he managed to save the ship.
        After the Helmsman saved the boat and the people, everyone back to doing what was their job.
        "Thank you". I said to the murder.
        "The name is John. And your welcome". he replied in a calmer voice. I had always wondered what his name was. I also wondered after that horrid tragedy why he would want to save my life if he knew I would never forget what he did. I had started walking to my spot on deck. As I looked back I saw him smile for the first time and I smiled back.

My Goals For The New Year

These are the my new goals for the new year:

  1. To read more books
  2. To play less video games
  3. To get outside
  4. To take responsibility
  5. To watch less TV
  6. To create Ty-Dy shirts
  7. To spend more time on Sumdog
  8. To exercise each day
  9. To try to create my own songs 

I want to give you some reasons why if you have a break of school you should read more books. 
        If you read more books when you don't have school your reading level can go up. Reading can also help you with your writing when you get back into school. 

How Do I Learn Best?

Dear friends,

Today I learned that I learn better when I see a visual and Tactile/ Kinesthectic. Visual means that I learn better when I see pictures. It also means that seeing things helps organize my thoughts and when I think in my head I see images and pictures. Tactile/ Kinesthectic means that I also learn better when I am moving or touching something.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Age of Exploration

August 1, 1495

Dear fellow friends,

Yesterday when I was looking for my ship I had noticed that there was one, but it had seemed very poor so I knew it couldn't be mine.

        Then I heard someone call my name 3 times. I turned my head and there was some strangers calling my name out from the poor ship. They had told me that I was going the wrong way. That ship that was almost in pieces had been the one that I was traveling on. I thought they had been joking so I laughed. They weren't laughing so I stopped. I walked past them to the front of the ship.

         As I was waking up I saw some people that were going to be traveling with me. There was one that had a hoodie on so I couldn't see his face, but he was very suspicious. When I got up all the way I looked at everyone at grew a cheesy smile on my face, but everyone was too busy doing their own thing.

        When the sun had set everyone had ran to find their own space on deck to sleep. All of the space was taken, so I had squeez between some people that had smelled like they hadn't taken a shower in a week. I had taken my coat and covered my face so I wouldn't have to smell that terrible aroma.

Present Day
         "Ahoy Matey!" someone had yelled in my face. I could even feel the smell of the person's breath; rotten milk and cheese. I had felt the strong sun hit my eyes so I tried to open them slowly. As soon as my eyes were open wide I looked at who woke me up. When I saw his face I said
        "Agh!" He had the biggest beard I had ever seen a man have. And his teeth were either fallen out  or silver.
        "How are the?" The man had asked me.
        "I...I'm alright". I said looking at him in amazment that he hasn't dided yet. He looked like he was 95.
        "She is too weak to be on a mission like this". The man with the hood had said as he was sharpening his knife. I had noticed that the knife he had was the one that I had found in my husbands chest.
        "Where did you get that knife" I asked him with suspicion.
        "None of your business". He answered with a disrespectful tone in his voice.
        Later on that day, we had to do a supply check, but we ended up being good on supplies. I also heard that another ship that was sailing for Spain too had found weezils in their biscuts. Later on I had saw a man on the ground. Everyone would not get near him just because he sick. I took the chance and gave him some water so he could talk without a dry voice.
        "Thank you miss", He told me with a weak voice. "How ever can I repay you?"
        "Well... do you know anything about that man with the hoodie?"
        "All I know is that he has a record for murduring people when they are asleep."
        "Thank you. I think that is what I needed to know".
         I thought to myself over and over that night that what if that suspisoius man had killed my husband?