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Monday, May 4, 2015

America Was Born!

1. The Europeans were interested in the "New World" because they had hope that it could lead to them a better life. Not all were interested for the same reason; some people had wanted to be wealthy and some people wanted to escape religious abuse, but all were wanting to a start a new life.

2. The ways that you can contrast colonial religions is that New England religion was to praise god and believe freedom and people who presented a different religion were not welcome. The middle colonies accepted any religion. When this was announced, people from foreign countries started going over. All kinds of religions were there like Catholics, Christians, Jews and more. The south colonies religion was Anglican and Catholic. Catholics were the first to arrive on the Maryland.

New England Colonies
Mid-Atlantic Colonies

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Beauty of Nature

Answer to Question 1:
Plants are able to reproduce when an animal or insect goes to get a treat, sweet nectar. When an animal drinks some pollen, like a bee, it brushes into something of the plant called the anther and get a dust shower of pollen all over the bee. Still, the bee loves the taste of nectar so much, they can't resist to travel to another flower and have some more. But when the bee lands on the next flower, the pollen that the bee had been carrying drops of at that flower. So when the pollen dropped off there, something called the pistol of the flower, collects a grain of pollen. That grain of pollen starts to grow and slide into thin tube that makes it's way down the pistil until finally it comes in contact with an ovule.

Answer to Question 2:
The purpose of the seed's covering is to protect it. Some seeds

Answer to Question 3:

Answer to Question 4:

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Who Was Milton Hershey Book Title

Dear chocolate lovers,

        Hi there! Do you like chocolate? Well I really do and if you do then this is a post you'll want to read.

     This post is all about a book that I am reading which is called "Who Was Milton Hershey?" If you don't know who that is I will tell you, but I won't tell you too much. That way you still want to read the book.
      Milton Hershey is the man who made the chocolate bar Hershey. Milton wasn't into chocolate at first, but he was into making caramel candy. When he opened his first store he had soled his caramel candies to make money. Later on in his life he found out about chocolate and he wanted to make it. After that he kept experimenting how to make chocolate. Then one day, it came to him!
If you want to know about what happened then you should read the book. I recommenced if you like non- fiction books, this is the right book for you!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Age of Exploration - We Find Land, But There Is a Twist...

5 Weeks later,

I am still on the ship. I finished helping my last patient when I see at the corner of my eye a parrot on the middle of the deck. I walk over to it when I see in one of it's talons, a little stick. It looked like had just been picked so I alerted the captain,.
        "Captain"! I said as barged into the captain's bridge.
        "What is the matter now"? asked said with a frustrated tone in his voice. I looked down in my hand, which I had the stick in and I put it on his desk. He lifted his head to see what I had put down on his desk. His eyes opened big and in seconds he ran out of the room and on to the middle of the deck to announce
        "People! We have found land"! and as soon as he finished saying that, the boat had hit something and everyone leaned to one side of the boat. Then I saw John holding on the side of the boat as he grabbed my hand. When The boat got straight again, I asked John
        "Have you heard about the news?"
        "No, is something wrong?" Then I had told him how we found proof of land. His lips suddenly turned into a smile. I had never seen him smile so it made me smile. But we were still wondering what the ship had hit. When we went to see and what we saw was incredible. It was a huge land with water with a lot of plants growing out of the ground. Everyone had gotten off of the ship to explore the new island. Me and John went to go look for food when we see the bush move.
         "Did you see something move in that bush?" I asked John while we were just staring at the bush. He didn't answer as he went closer and his eyes seemed to concentrate. Then he started backing up and pulled my back too as he whispered to me
        "Don't move." Then I started to see eyes appear in the bush and I knew someone had been watching us.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Age of Exploration- Here comes the waves!!

        The next morning, the sun wasn't in my eyes so I opened them quickly. When I opened them I noticed that when I was laying down the sky was dark and gray. All of a sudden I felt a raindrop fall in my right cheek. Everyone had started that it was raining , but it wasn't barley raining. Now it was growing bigger and bigger. I just went back to getting my items fixed up. 10 Minutes later, when I was in the hull giving someone their prescribed medicine I heard people screaming up on the deck. I went up to see what was happening and I found that water had been flooding. I felt myself get pushed over by the wind. I couldn't see anything and then I had noticed that the Helmsmen was struggling to save the ship. I needed to help him so I started walking towards him as I got thrown around.
        "Hey! Come here"! Someone yelled out. I turned my head and saw that the murderer hiding in a corner behind some wooden barrels.
        "Leave me alone"! I said as I was still struggling to get to the helmsmen. As soon as looked back at the helmsmen I saw a big wave coming right for me. I suddenly fell my right wrist get tugged and I dodged the wave. When I turned back to see who had pulled me, it was the murder. I just stared at him not saying anything. When I was about to say something everyone had been dragged across the deck. The helmsmen had made a turn so strong that he managed to save the ship.
        After the Helmsman saved the boat and the people, everyone back to doing what was their job.
        "Thank you". I said to the murder.
        "The name is John. And your welcome". he replied in a calmer voice. I had always wondered what his name was. I also wondered after that horrid tragedy why he would want to save my life if he knew I would never forget what he did. I had started walking to my spot on deck. As I looked back I saw him smile for the first time and I smiled back.

My Goals For The New Year

These are the my new goals for the new year:

  1. To read more books
  2. To play less video games
  3. To get outside
  4. To take responsibility
  5. To watch less TV
  6. To create Ty-Dy shirts
  7. To spend more time on Sumdog
  8. To exercise each day
  9. To try to create my own songs 

I want to give you some reasons why if you have a break of school you should read more books. 
        If you read more books when you don't have school your reading level can go up. Reading can also help you with your writing when you get back into school.